“Your 30 Minutes”: Sonja Stich

This week we are thrilled to feature Sonja Stich of Sonja Stich fotografías. We are thrilled to have her and you are in for a real treat with these 30 minutes she so beautifully captured.

Here’s what Sonja has to say about this collection of images:

“To speed up the arrival of summer, we planted colorful flowers and strawberries. The children had a lot of fun, especially with watering the plants – and the brother. At this time, however, I had already brought my camera to a safe place.”

sonja_stich--5 sonja_stich-2a sonja_stich-1sonja_stich-2 sonja_stich-3b sonja_stich-4 sonja_stich-7 sonja_stich-8 sonja_stich-9 sonja_stich-11 sonja_stich-12asonja_stich-3 sonja_stich-8a sonja_stich-12

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