30 Minutes of Inspiration Denise Saba, Catchnkiss Photography


Today we are so excited to share 30 minutes of Inspiration from Denise Saba, of Catchnkiss Photography.  Denise’s images are raw, rich, and full of emotion.  We are all a huge fan of her beautiful art. Denise was interviewed by Cindy Cavanagh.

You can find Denise on her website or on Facebook


What inspired you to pick up their camera initially?

Back in highschool my two favourite subjects were Art and Photography (darkroom) Always enjoyed it and was very interested in creating.

But when my kids were born my love of photography re-ignited again.

After spending a large amount of dollars for a studio photo shoot, i knew i could do this and didn’t need to pay someone else to capture images of my child, so out came the camera and i never looked back since.

What gear do you use?

Canon MK11 body, Canon nifty fifty 1.4mm, 135mm Canon portrait lens, Canon 200mm Lens, Canon Speedlight 580 ex11


What personal projects are you working? What business projects are you working on?

My camera is always out and ready, whether it be my kids, my friends kids, family members, who ever is willing to allow me to take photos, i go  for it.

I do have some weddings coming up where i’ll be heading to NZ and Sydney

What is you favourite time to shoot? Is there a particular light that you love?

All day, everyday! I love anything natural. Love the sunset and the sunrise light


Your portraits are timeless. How do you capture these moody portraits.

Its all about the light, shadow and tones. The conversion part is easy.

Light and shadows play a big part in your images. How do you see this light? Do you have a technique for seeing this light.

As a photographer, you have an eye for detail and a love for capturing timeless images. when i see light, i can see what it does and how it creates the mood, the feel and the emotion of the image without taking the image. There is no technique but more about the connection and the way it makes me feel within.


In your portraits, you fill the frame. What is your favourite lens to capture your portraits.

I adore the 50mm 1.4, its my go to lens for most things

Looking at your page, I think the answer is B&W but which do you prefer; B&W or colour.

Yes you are right, B&W just does it for me. I do love colour but i do lean more to the soulful and the emotion of Black and white images


Do you create a vision for portraits or do you shoot in the moment?

I allow the light to create the vision for me and then i shoot in the moment.

What are your strengths as a photographer? What would you like to improve?

I feel my strengths are the storytelling and the way my images connect. I feel strongly about the connection of an image and how it makes me feel


I dont know if i want to improve on anything as i feel now im comfortable with my vision and what i create. Ive learnt and grown so much as an artist and have finally found my way. Ive learnt to accept that art is what you make out of it, not what people tell you.

Where do you see your photography in 12mths, and in five years. What big plans do you have?

Oh wow! I would love to give to others and continuing growing my little business. I want to share precious memories and capture tender moments and be apart of a families journey. I know how wonderful and rewarding it is as i treasure every photo i have with my own kids.

Build a web site and continue to grow as an artist, lover of love emotion and soul, and give up my day job to follow my dreams.


You live on the Gold Coast in Australia. Where do you and your family like to play together?

Sunny Goldcoast, “beautiful one day, perfect the next”. favourite part for me is at home. my home is my castle and i love the memories that we have created here.


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