Guest Blogger : Kim Hill Photography

Mamma Mia!  We got some wires crossed last month and I completely forgot to share these lovely images from our guest blogger, Kim Hill Photography.

1) Tell us a little bit about yourself

I am a Children and Family Photographer located in Central Alabama. My work goes back and forth between my client sessions, and photographing the everyday adventures of my little girl. I am a portrait photographer who loves to push the boundaries a bit in the efforts to express myself artistically. I see the world in full color and love images that have a sense of life and movement.

2) What inspires you to pause and pick up your camera?

My insatiable desire to document the life of my family, and of other families who would have me, inspires me. I went through a period where I gave myself no creative outlet, and I never want to experience that feeling again.
KimHillPhotography_30Min_Caleb KimHillPhotography_30Min_DressedHerself KimHillPhotography_30Min_Expecting KimHillPhotography_30Min_FamilyHeart KimHillPhotography_30Min_Garden KimHillPhotography_30Min_Head&Heart KimHillPhotography_30Min_Headlights KimHillPhotography_30Min_Horse KimHillPhotography_30Min_Sand KimHillPhotography_30Min_Swing KimHillPhotography_30Min_Tendril KimHillPhotography_30Min_Wildflowers KimHillPhotography_30Min_WishUponAStarK KimHillPhotography_30Min_WishUponAStarO

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