{Story in a Snap} : Adventure

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this wonderful week’s {Story in a Snap}.  Adventure has been such a fun theme!  Here are some words from our guest judge, Rebecka Lefoll – Photographer,

Adventure can be experienced so many ways. It can be the simple act of reading a book, or building a “castle” in your back yard. Personally I think life is an adventure and I loved all of your entries this week! It was fun to see all your interpretations.”

This next week we’ll be looking for “Weather” submissions.  Now for our top 5!

Sonja Stich fotografías

1421115_423403021129514_1725612105_o ViGee Photography1519611_10203049568132862_2014429388_oAct Naturally Photography

1781824_10203500832900775_2127727215_o Sarah Landa Photography

1974367_10152243202249536_1506029685_o Stacey Markel Photography


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